Suggest disabling privacy-preserving ad measurement on Firefox

With the release of Firefox 128, a new setting for “privacy-preserving ad measurement” has been added and enabled by default. Since PG already recommends disabling this for Safari, it should probably do the same for Firefox.



How is this setting configured in LibreWolf?

I can’t find this setting in my instance

Have they released Librewolf 128 yet?

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LIbrewolf is unlikely to be on version 128 yet, and will almost certainly disable it by default.

But also, I think the OP is wrong, I don’t think this is a feature that is currently enabled by default: [I Misunderstood, OP is right]

Firefox now supports the experimental Privacy Preserving Attribution API, which provides an alternative to user tracking for ad attribution. This experiment is only enabled via origin trial and can be disabled in the new Website Advertising Preferences section in the Privacy and Security settings.

(128 release notes)

Right, I did see that. The box is checked by default, however (at least on my two instances), so it should probably be un-checked to prevent any future enablement of the feature.

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I found it enabled by default as soon as I upgraded to Firefox 128.

It is also implied here that it will be enabled by default but you can disable it from the settings: Privacy-Preserving Attribution | Firefox Help

PPA is enabled in Firefox starting in version 128. A small number of sites are going to test this and provide feedback to inform our standardization plans, and help us understand if this is likely to gain traction.

PPA can be disabled in Firefox settings.

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You are right, I was mistaken, it looks to be enabled by default. It seems I misunderstood what they mean by “This experiment is only enabled via origin trial.” As @woodruff’s quoted text alludes to, it seems the opt-in trial experiment is on other end (website owners, not users).

I agree, pre-emptively disabling it makes sense until more is clear. And that would be inline with similar recommendations given for Safari and Brave Browser.

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