Site Proposal: Gamifying Privacy

There is no way to actually know if people read those pages, or acted on any of the content. I doubt a counter on the bottom of the screen will really add any value. The other thing is it may not require a reader to act on everything they read. This is why we direct readers towards the threat modeling pages and give advise about not common misconceptions because in the latter case people waste a lot of energy on things that aren’t really too important.

I think this works better for user contributed content where there is something to compare against (ie other users). This is why we see upvotes, and likes on things like forums and social media. We don’t see a “reward” for reading posts/lurking. The reward for that is content to read.

On a societal line of thinking I really wonder if we need to “gamify” every aspect of what we do? Will people lose motivation to do a thing if it’s not a game? I could see that leading to a lack of innovation or individual thinking. To me it seems like progressive infantilization of society will lead to the point where our brains are programmed to only work when there is an algorithm that gives us a pat on the back.