Should I use Lockdown Mode?

Use it? Yes, you wont feel any problems on apps, might break some websites but you simply exclude them in settings.

Is it a joke or more of a promotional trick? Yes, it can mitigate some attacks but by calling it “Lockdown” mode while bluetooth and javascript are still enabled, is just for laughs.

In the end of the day is how the user operates the device, don’t even think of going wild just because you have this mode enabled. Kinda creates a false sense of security.

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What does security have to do with fingerprinting, and how does that make security hardening “fundamentally flawed”?


Security has everything to do with fingerprinting because when you harden a system, you change its behavior and making it stand out from the crowd, that’s the essence of fingerprinting, which is identifying unique traits that make your device or setup identifiable

When you apply security hardening measures you’re essentially creating a unique fingerprint, websites and attackers can leverage these unique traits to track and target you, It’s a classic case of unintended consequences because you’re trying to secure your system, but you end up making it more identifiable

Sure, you’ve made it harder to break in through the windows but you’ve inadvertently signaled to everyone that you have something worth protecting and that they should look for other ways to get in

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Well we agree on pretty much anything then, although blocking a few spyware attacks is the bare minimum we should expect and not some grand achievement, If you think that’s worth celebrating then your standards are pathetically low

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So now you’re playing the “no source, no credibility” card? Give me a break

Those of us who understand real security will continue to protect ourselves with comprehensive and well-rounded solutions, not flashy gimmicks designed to boost a company’s image, thanks for playing indeed

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No notes, outstanding post.