Serious Security Question: Network locked smartphones?

No some of the phones has a separate firmware for Carrier phones than the unlocked ones and the updates can be blocked or delayed by the carrier.

Plus you can disable network on the play services apps as well.

Pretty sure most apps could work with Sandboxed Play Services.

There’s always CalyxOS that you can also try with (which I personally use - microG is amazingly compatible with apps needing Play Services and isn’t [entirely a binary blob.]*)

*The only part of it that is a binary blob is the SafetyNet bypass part which is optional

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Wow, I did some more research and you’re correct about the Samsung and the 7 years: Samsung Extends Android and Security Updates to 7 Years - CNET

I can’t believe that they’d support their phones for so long! It must only apply to the “pro” or “premium” Samsung phones?

The Nokia phones support time really pales in comparison:

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The Galaxy 24, 24+ and 24 Ultra will get 7 years of updates. The “S” series are Samsungs’ high end phones.

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