Rethink DNS on moto Phone

Which Android apps can I safely block using Rethink DNS without causing any issues?

You can select a few universal (global) firewall rules:

  • Block when device is locked
  • Block newly installed apps by default
  • Block when source app is unknown

And leaving the DNS setting to RDNS Default.

Then, go through Apps and see which ones you never use (health apps etc :wink: or which ones needn’t connect at all (calculator, dictionary etc) and Block (both wifi and mobile) them.

Also, apps which you do expect to keep internet connectivity no matter what (WhatsApp, Gmail, Zoom etc), Bypass Universal them.

What I do:

Use RDNS+ with “aggressive privacy” lists enabled.

Block ALL installed apps. Then allow apps that I use one at a time (because they wouldn’t work otherwise).

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@ignoramous I’m having an issue with RethinkDNS android app where I trust a domain in an app, then that domain somehow becomes not blocked on other apps as well, version v0.5.5c. I see no problems with v.0.5.5a.

Can you reproduce? I tried fresh re-installing it but to no avail.

This issue was reported a month or so back (ref) and has since been fixed in v055d (download from github, website). If you use Rethink DNS + Firewall app from F-Droid or Play Store, it might take 2 to 5 more days for it to show up there.

Ah thanks, I didn’t realize there’s a new version. Confirm it works now.

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