Restore EteSync (Calendar/Contacts Sync)

Hello all, I’m here to make a u-turn on my previous statements, and to request that this be formally rejected (cc @dngray).

Let me explain why: the Android app was updated to use the latest SDK, but that’s all. It still has no dark mode, no monochrome icon. This in and of itself is no issue, but it’s just part of what shows that the app is very outdated. Additionally, the version that updated the SDK also broke tasks syncing. This was fixed, but shows a clear lack of testing.

Now, it seems that syncing with the Android app at all doesn’t work. I have had this issue too. I tried multiple versions of the app, adding the account, removing it, etc. Nothing works. At this current point in time I simply have exported my data (which I had to do through the bridge, since no other client has this functionality) and have my contacts imported locally (since that information is used by email clients and Signal, etc.). I’m going to have to figure out what to replace EteSync with, if anything (could just stick with local stuff, although my tasks apps don’t support import/export).

Speaking of the bridge, it hasn’t been meaningfully updated in years. It is also impossible to install it from pip or compile the binaries. This is an issue because the last amd64 binary is from a year and a half ago, the last arm64 binary is from two and a half years ago, and it should be possible to compile the binaries, as it is open source software. The bridge does technically seem to work, using those years old binaries, but this is not a maintained project.

It doesn’t seem @tasn has time to work on EteSync right now, which isn’t an issue of course. But no one should be paying money to use this software, which is definitely private, but probably not at all secure after years of not being properly maintained. And, it’s only useful if you can actually get it working in the first place.

Tl;dr: EteSync should under no circumstances be recommended, and it’s ridiculous to even continue discussing it. I propose that this be rejected.

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