Recommended android app for creating and extracting zip files?

With so many apps available on the play store, which one does privacy guides recommend?

On grapheneOS, the files app already lets you do this. Does the default file browser on your version of Android not let you compress and extract files and archives?

I’m using stock on a pixel at the moment and so are other members of my family. I may switch to grapheneos, but other members of my family have refused so I still need to be able to tell them how to do this on stock.

In the pre-installed Files app on stock, I don’t see an option to compress or add to zip. It does however allow you to extract zip files if you try to open them. But there is no option in the hamburger menu.

This might be a problem with the pre-installed Files app on stock Pixel. Now that I’m thinking, I do remember this functionality on my non-pixel android phone back in the day.

If I am understanding correctly this seems to be a limitation of the google files app (standard files app for stock Pixel phones.).

When selecting multiple files in google files no option for compressing them apears; though viewing and extracting pre-existing zip files should be possible with google files.

Grapheme OS and other AOSP Based projects often include the AOSP standard files app. this is different than Google files, and includes a compress option in the hamburger menu.

As for third party file apps which allow this functionality there are some out there. Apologies for not naming any here, I haven’t had a need for a third party file manager since I moved to Graphene OS so I’m not sure which ones still good.

I used this one a couple of times. Seems reliable but not available in the Google Play if that is the only app manager that you are reling


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MiXplorer is the best file manager for android link

Isn’t it closed sourced? Why going close source when there is a capable open source option?