Questions on using Tor + VPN

Some websites block the access from Tor IPs, the only solution found is:
my PC >> Tor >> VPN >> target website

but my question is, the data sent out by Tor to VPN is normally from different IP address each time, would the VPN provider accept this? To them it looks like hundreds of people using this VPN at different time.

otherwise, any other solutions?

Tor would establish a long term circuit on high uptime nodes. The VPN would only see one IP change anytime a network connection switch was made.

But please read this: TorPlusVPN · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab

Yes, but isn’t it an issue?
Let’s say the user uses Tor everyday.
The VPN provider will think:
This account is used by 30 different IP in one month.

If your VPN provider terminates your account because of using 30 IP addresses in a month, they are garbage.

You can easily exceed that in a completely normal usage pattern eg.: home internet (home), cellular roaming (commute), work internet (job), free wifi (wherever)


Depends on how you paid for the VPN.

Ideally Monero and without any PII. Like Mullvad or IVPN and make sure you never logged in the VPN outside of Tor ever (Ideally doing the whole purchase and setup process using Whonix or Tails).

@ruihildt and @viktorivpn is that a possibility using your service?

As stated in the Mullvad VPN Policies:

no logging of account activity except total simultaneous connections (explained below) and the payment information detailed in this post.

Please note that while I’m happy to answer questions regarding the Mullvad Browser, other questions will be best answered by