Questions about Swiss Intelligence

Hey guys, I came across this on HackerNews ( and wanted to get more info. OP included two links to some German language news sites which are talking about the Swiss secret service monitoring telecom/internet cables. Is there anyone from Switzerland that has more knowledge about this? I don’t want to misunderstand these after running them through a translator.

Edit: the links from OP were Der Bund überwacht uns alle – Republik and Interessante Einblicke trotz Geheimjustiz am Bundesverwaltungsgericht - Digitale Gesellschaft


What would you like to know?

In short: The Swiss secret service NDB was not supposed to do mass surveillance of the population but ss it turns out, they apparently did.


I’m not sure anyone here would be able to give out this kind of information? :frowning_face:

Basically what you said, that the Swiss NDB was engaged in wire tapping. It would be great to see more English-language investigative reporting on cases like this, or I should start trying to learn German.

When it comes to Governmental Agencies, anywhere in the world. Just assume what they tell you is BS, and they are always listening.

There is no way to stop individuals who have all the power and endless resources at their fingertips.