Privacy on my home network getting dynamic public IP

Hi everyone. Here’s my home network plan and I want to talk about that.

ISP can gives me 8 dynamic public IPs, it will be assigned by devices’ MAC address, everytime I put a new device (different MAC address from… maybe the modem lookup table?), it gives me a new public IP under a set of IPs (For example under, I might get or, or after about a month, it will gives another public IP address for my devices.

So I was planning to randomize MAC address on my router’s WAN port (It can be config by using ifconfig on OPNsense/ uci on OpenWRT) when I boot it up.

But before that, I want to know/discuss, how much privacy it can gives me, is it a good idea or not?

Thank you.

Wait if your so concerned about the IP addresses, why not just use a VPN? Am i missing something?

Hmm, I would summarize in three usecases why use a VPN:

  1. Hide from ISP/Public WiFi tracking
  2. Geo-restriction/Avoid censorship(but some service will also block VPN servers IP address)
  3. Torrenting

But if you don’t do all of that, maybe there’s no point to use a VPN. Also you maybe don’t want use VPN if you have a very fast network.

After hours, I figured out that what I want to know is that did actively get a new public IP gives me additional privacy from other websites(service providers) that might track IP? But I also heard that now IP is not the primary to track users…I am not sure about that.

Sorry for my bad English…