Opinions on I2P?

I see that there is no posts or discussions about I2P,
I’m not going to do a tool suggestion because I don’t use it and I can’t know if its good.

This thread could be to talk about it, give opinions, etc.

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I would just use Tor or (hot take incoming) just a VPN because almost everyone’s threat model is blown out of proportion and they don’t need Tor or something similar.

That article of IVPN is cool, makes me trust I2P to be legit a little more.

From what I saw from I2P it has different use case from Tor.
Do you know how torrents are not supposed to be used through Tor and that it slows everything down?
Well I heard that I2P is supposed to be used with torrents. Which could be useful if you ever need to download a torrent to protect your IP from your peers.

There’s more info about this in here:

If you have a use case for it, then by all means use it.

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