OnionBrowser (iOS Tor browser)

Now that they have closed issue [Critical] IP leaking through webrtc 路 Issue #117 路 OnionBrowser/OnionBrowser 路 GitHub

Is it going to be recommend on the site or stick with Orbot on IOS.

Also, does this effect Mysk 馃嚚馃嚘馃嚛馃嚜 (@mysk_co): "iOS 16.5.1 still bypasses the VPN. New tests show that Apple Push Notification traffic completely ignores the VPN connection. Apple Maps sends many requests outside the VPN, including unencrypted DNS requests. This also happens in the Lockdown Mode. 馃幀 https://youtu.be/tttO_E2STHA" | nitter Orbot on IOS?

If I remember correctly, that was the main reason onion browser got delisted from the site. I hope they reconsider it because lack of a tor browser on iOS sucks.

I鈥檓 currently doing some research about this, and what benefits Onion Browser provides over using Orbot + Safari with good settings. I鈥檓 not really an iOS user, much less an expert, and only got into this because a friend asked me a related question 鈥 but now I want to really find out. Once I have the time to finish this conclusively, I鈥檒l reply here with my findings.

Meanwhile, I鈥檇 be glad if anyone could provide some insight into, or link resources related to some of these questions, that exceed surface level:

  • Can any benefits related strictly to the connection over Tor (e.g. hides your IP) be counted as benefits of Onion Browser? Would Orbot + Safari work more or less well in this regard, and why?
  • Does OnionBrowser provide better protection against privacy-, security- or anonymity-harming behaviour from Apple than Safari does? In which ways?
  • What other general improvements does Onion Browser make to security, privacy, or usability that can鈥檛 be replicated on Safari? Is there anything Safari does that can鈥檛 be replicated on OnionBrowser?
  • Does Onion Browser impact your browser fingerprint? If so, is that actually an improvement?
  • In which ares and ways could an ideal non-Apple browser theoretically improve privacy or security; what exactly is the extent to which restrictions from Apple fundamentally limit such improvements?

It was:

So seeing this resolved is a good thing. Waiting on review: