Note privacy implications of GrapheneOS proxy services

Saying something like this, to me, is more then just pointing out that its a shift in trust. Especially because you list GrapheneOS and Google as examples for the same point, which makes it seems like you think they are equally untrustworthy.

Yes, but even one instance where the code isn’t the same and the dev career ends overnight.


Or it was because they are the only two relevant examples in the situation lol

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:smile: I would pose the question then, in this context, when would shifting trust from Google to GrapheneOS be a riskier or equally as risky a move as the opposite?

Then the only option is iOS.

If one is using any AOSP based OS, they have to trust Google, and if you’re using GrapheneOS, you still have to trust Google and GrapheneOS.

This topic is completely pointless, replacing these connections with GrapheneOS ones is a feature and not a bug. You also have the easy option to switch back to Google’s ones if you want that for some reason.

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