Nostr - Decentrilized alternitive to Twitter (Edward Snowden)

Promoted by Edward Snowden (on Twitter), is this viable option for people, that look for the most privacy, and security respecting Twitter.

It’s open-source, and they claim censor-ship resistant.

I’m skeptical, but if someone has additional information, or could review the code on their GitHub page, that would be great, and also the most popular client for Nostr protocol.

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I think that the best case scenario for social media privacy is that they don’t do additional tracking outside of the data you voluntarily provide, give you ways of managing and deleting your data, provided decentralization and thus more independence for individuals, provides good options for securing your account, and is open source. If it does those things, then it’s probably fine. The more transparency they bake in, the better.

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I think they shouldn’t collect any data at all. Just data of the message (encrypted) your ID (string of numbers) and that’s it. It can’t be sold, or leaked in a hack raid, if they don’t have it in the first place.

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That guide is ok but its missing Tor in the vpn section.
If you get a currently functional guide to using Tor and Nostr then maybe it could be recommended in PG.

Why re-invent the wheel for a microblogging social media, when you already have Mastodon and other ActivityPub compatible forks?

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Its not the same. Here’s the differences with Mastodon GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working
They say that SSB might be the closest to Nostr. Re-inventing the wheel would apply more to that I guess? Though I don’t know SSB.

Also most of Mastodon’s instances require a email. And its a pain to create a email when using Tor.
With Nostr you don’t need a email. Its kinda easy to use it through Tor. The issue of course is that to make it easier and safer then the nostr apps need proxy settings


I guess instead of recommending Nostr or Mastodon we should just stick to recommending apps for Nostr and Mastodon.
Just like we do with Video Streaming - Privacy Guides

So I might suggest to create other threads for each of the apps.

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I am trying out Nostr and so far am unimpressed. If anyone else is testing it out find me here and we’ll see if this even makes sense as a social network much less one we’d want to recommend on the site lol:

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I am not liking the idea of this. The ActivityPub is a much better idea with no central company overseeing it all. Also mastodon already works well, we don’t need yet another solution.


I think Nostr as a protocol has potential. Right now its bare bones (edit: both the protocol I think and the apps) and filled with crypto bros and crypto features in the apps.

Therefore I propose closing this thread (or just stopping momentarily), reopening it in 6 months and check how far the platform has progressed.

So far I feel like primal is better/more feature packed than iris, but both are still lacking. I’m that “one ring to rule them all” kinda guy

Hilarious that no one on Nostr seems to know that pseudonymity != privacy and yet try to use Nostr being “private” to dunk on anyone who still uses other social media.

Nostr maxis are not going to want to hear this, but Nostr is VERY BAD for privacy, but great for pseudonymity.

For most people, Nostr directly ties their HOME IP ADDRESS to their nym and publishes this correlation to a dozen servers they don’t control for all to see.

While being pseudonymous is pretty easy on Nostr, being private requires a good, always-on non-logging VPN, or even better connecting to relays only through Tor at a bare minimum.

Posted on Nostr as well as this concept somehow still hasn’t become clear to them.

These Twitter alternatives to me are the same as MMO games. If they are not used by a LOT of people they are not viable. Mastodon has really only been viable, for me, because there are a ton of bots for popular Twitter accounts.

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