Nostr - Decentrilized alternitive to Twitter (Edward Snowden)

Promoted by Edward Snowden (on Twitter), is this viable option for people, that look for the most privacy, and security respecting Twitter.

It’s open-source, and they claim censor-ship resistant.

I’m skeptical, but if someone has additional information, or could review the code on their GitHub page, that would be great, and also the most popular client for Nostr protocol.

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I think that the best case scenario for social media privacy is that they don’t do additional tracking outside of the data you voluntarily provide, give you ways of managing and deleting your data, provided decentralization and thus more independence for individuals, provides good options for securing your account, and is open source. If it does those things, then it’s probably fine. The more transparency they bake in, the better.

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I think they shouldn’t collect any data at all. Just data of the message (encrypted) your ID (string of numbers) and that’s it. It can’t be sold, or leaked in a hack raid, if they don’t have it in the first place.