Well I just found the solution actually: NitroPhone @jonah. seems to have worldwide shipping. It’s more expensive (okay) but has worldwide shipping and GrapheneOS loaded by default.

For EU there is also ProxyStore – Onlineshop if it ain’t available in your EU country.

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That still doesn’t solve the budget problem, there markups are nearly double MSRP. However, it looks like some people are working on a project that adds only a $60 markup and also ships worldwide. The project goes by “OpenPhones” and one of it’s main goals is to make Graphene OS phones more available for cheap.


Sure thing. Budgeting is definitely a problem and it’s definitely true that privacy is something you have to pay for. Privacy is something you have to be able to afford because the economy is based on paying with your data. It’s true however annoying it is.

I am just thinking @jonah it maybe good to list the worldwide shipping with nitrokey on this page

We do mention the NitroPhone option now (not sure when that was added, but probably as a result of this discussion). I just split this discussion off from the CalyxOS thread so it can be easily found in the future (and because that other topic was cluttered).

Locking this discussion as completed.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself and are willing to spend a bit of extra money, check out the NitroPhone as they come preloaded with GrapheneOS from the reputable Nitrokey company.

Here it still doesn’t mention the worldwide shipping of pixels.

mm @ph00lt0 messaged me this, I didn’t realize mentioning this fact was a separate request, but yes it makes sense, we should mention that as an advantage on the page. Unlocking/Changing this to approved so we can get a PR for this added to the website :slight_smile:

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This was resolved Include NitroPhone global shipping under the Pixel recommendation by r-j-taylor · Pull Request #2345 · privacyguides/ · GitHub

Would the nitrophone have the unapproved operating system notification on boot?

Yes. Nitrokey isn’t some kind of authorized OEM retailer that might have the ability to modify this warning from the help of Google Like i would assume from those phone service providers when they sell operator-locked phones back in the day.
Sadly, the warning remains.