New - Passkey logins

:tada: Announcement for our lovely forum users: You can now add a passkey to your account by navigating to your User Preferences → Security page.

After adding a passkey to your account, you will be able to sign in to the forum without a username and password, with the “Sign in with a passkey” button:


  1. Signing in with a passkey bypasses two-factor authentication on your account when logging in. If you want to always require a password and a security key, you should not add a “passkey” to your profile, you should only add a security key in your “Two-Factor Authentication” settings.
  2. You cannot disable password logins after adding a passkey. You can prevent password logins from accessing your account without a security key by additionally adding a security key in your “Two-Factor Authentication” settings.

I tried to add -passkey with my yubikey but i am getting this error.

Although i could register a passkey using the bitwarden extension easily. But i wondered why it won’t work with my physical security key.

While passkeys use the same technology (FIDO2) they are not the same they’re treated differently by your browser and OS.

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In what browser?

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i tried to create a passkey on my google account with my physical security key using the same browser and OS and it worked.
There seems to be some another issue relating to the website implementation of passkeys.
Though i would like to know more about how passkeys are technically different from webauthn.

I’m able to add a Yubikey as a Passkey here on the forum in a Chromium browser.

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i tried with brave , maybe i should try with firefox.

I have the same issue. Using Firefox on iOS. It works on Safari though.

Works fine for me on Brave and Librewolf using Bitwarden to store the passkeys.

adding passkey OK
login with passkey OK
sign up with passkey KO

same behavior on 3 browsers:
Firefox 119.0.1 with 1Password 2.15.1
Chrome 119.0.6045.124 with 1Password 2.17.0
Brave 1.60.114 with 1Password 2.15.1

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How would someone that signed up with SimpleLogin option enable passkey as it asks for a password and there’s none with Oauth

You’d have to set a password and switch to local authentication in order to use a Passkey or enable two-factor authentication here.

Works well in Firefox, with Bitwarden extension.


Why it’s not possible to create an account just with a Passkey without a password? Is this some kind of limitation of Passkeys?

setting a password had been a standard part of sign up process for all forums since years. And passkeys are relatively new , so they may not be giving it as a default option yet at time of sign up. Password is set to make it kinda backup method to login since not all may not be comfortable using passkeys everytime.
I don’t think its a limitation to passkeys since we can login without password easily, its just the current process followed is different.

I don’t think there’s any technical reasons you couldn’t make a Passkey-only authentication method, I think Discourse just chose not to implement it for whatever reason. Not sure what that reason is.

I hope Passkey-only authentication will be a thing at some point. I don’t see a point in Passkeys if I still have to generate and store passwords. Getting rid of them entirely would be amazing, though.

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Possible future improvements

Once the initial rollout of the feature is complete, we may consider making the following improvements:

  • Allow setting up a passkey on account creation
  • Allow passkeys to be used when confirming sensitive actions (currently supported in the Security tab of User Preferences but not in some admin-only screens)

Turns out Discourse developers are possibly planning on allowing registration with passkeys instead of passwords.

Same here on Brave. Same error as you have.

However if I go to
the registration of the key goes smoothly.

Same on github, no errors.

I’ve noticed the same error on
so I assume maybe some shared implementation which blocks the real yubikey on brave?