Mullvad Browser fingerprinting!

If Mullvad Browser prevents fingerprinting then why does CreepJS shows same name even after 3 months?

Doesn’t matter, as long as you share that fingerprint with a lot of other users.


Firstly Creepjs has very advanced fingerprinting technique and is javascript based.
Most browsers fail to prevent Creepjs fingerprinting.
If you use Mullvad in safest mode it won’t be able to fingerprint

But if you followed up with Mullvad browser thread when it initially launched it was said that it doesn’t rely on randomising fingerprint strategy for making users private. Instead it focused on MullvadVPN users who could look alike while browsing the web with the same fingerprint
So indirectly your same fingerprint might be shared with 10 other users , and creepjs won’t be able to differentiate those 10 users.


Mine shows the same fingerprint as yours xD and visit counts are 75 . i’ve definitely not visited this website 75 times on this install, it means the goal to look alike has somewhat been sucessful !! :slightly_smiling_face:


mission accomplished then.

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