Mozilla releases Mozilla Monitor Plus

Seems like an alternative to DeleteMe with a more trusted brand name.

Privacy as a service seems to be getting more and more popular these days, as Consumer Reports also released their Permission Slip app.


Really interesting, much better than the old version.

Mozilla is reselling OneRep (like how they resell Mullvad). Mozilla Monitor Plus is basically OneRep and Have I Been Pwned’s Notify Me feature combined into one product.

Pretty neat for Mozilla customers, although OneRep themselves have a family plan which Mozilla unfortunately lacks. It’s all still cheaper than DeleteMe, Optery, or Kanary; although, Optery has a good free plan for scanning if you’re willing to do all the opt-out requests yourself.

(I also made a video about Mozilla Monitor Plus and talked about why I don’t like the Permission Slip app very much lol)

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Interesting. How such tools work? And why they’re is no free plan?

Seems like it is only available in the USA, which is a shame. If one were to use this tool, wouldn’t it be good to purchase the shortest subscription you can, and once your data is deleted from brokers, it wouldn’t go up again, assuming you are following privacy-protecting practices? Which leads me to questions, what are ways data brokers get your information and how can this be prevented? Links to Mozilla sources or other resources would be appreciated, or if the nature of this question is simple a brief explanation could be adequate.

@jonah I saw in your video you are planning to review a few of these services. I just heard about EasyOptOuts which seems to be doing the same service for $20/year. That seems crazy cheap compared to other services. Any thoughts?

I did see they send opt-outs “just in case”, which I know was one of the reasons you did not like Permission Slip.

Some sites aren’t searchable. We’ll opt you out in case you’re in their private databases.

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