Little quesion about Tor & Vpn

I was trying to find out through AI’s how things work in Tor+VPN and they told me that VPN is an external layer that comes after Tor and is just a relay. In other words, the VPN doesn’t deal directly with incoming and outgoing requests; that’s what they told me.
However, while they admit that packets encrypted between circuits in the Tor connection are decrypted at node 3, they insist that “after the last step, the request goes encrypted to the VPN”.
They have probably been taught that the VPN is just an intermediary in tor+vpn and therefore “can’t”, not “doesn’t”, deal with incoming and outgoing data.

I tried asking for each piece of information again and again during the verification, but the result didn’t change.

I thought I might have missed something, so I ask here: in Tor+VPN, do requests after the third node go to the VPN as external encryption or not? Can the VPN see the incoming data or not? Finally, if there is any encryption in between, what is it?

Can you clarify whether this connection is a TOR connection over a VPN or a VPN connection over TOR? I would imagine it’s the former, but I’m not clear. If this is a VPN+TOR connection offered by your VPN provider it may be that we need to reference their specific documentation.

I don’t think this video addresses your question, but contains good information I thought may be relevant as I read your post.

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Please read TorPlusVPN · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab


We also have a page about that


nope, second one.
An extra (+) VPN connection on top of an active Tor connection.

I was expecting a simple explanation like “yes, the request from node 3 goes to the vpn unencrypted, openly, and if the vpn is not privacy-oriented, it can do whatever it wants with the data” or vice versa, instead of “the last layer is not constantly changing, so anonymity is weakened” or “it requires fine-tuning”, which would raise new questions in my head. But thanks anyway

Jonah did such a good job on this video, extremely well thought-out


Well, it depends on the mode of VPN you are using. See InviZible – Using with third-party VPNs

Lets say you can also do it: use mulldav, then tor, the startpage anonymous view. is the same as: VPN - TOR- PROXY