LibreWolf Browser - 2023 Revisit

Hi all, this is a new issue being created to revisit #148 which was rejected in 2022. Having been nearly a year since the addition of the browser was rejected, I think it’s well overdue to revisit this.

To summarize:

  1. LibreWolf is a mature FireFox fork with a mission to harden FireFox much in the same way as ArkenFox, but in a way that is approachable by non-technical users. In this sense, it has a similar relationship to FireFox as Brave has to Google Chrome (but without the controversy regarding paid ads).
  2. LibreWolf has uBlock Origin pre-installed, as recommended by Privacy Guides. If this is undesirable for any reason, it is easy to uninstall this plugin, but I personally feel that this is simply a time saver for people who are just going to install uBO anyways.
  3. LibreWolf has multiple auto-update options on Windows and Linux. On Linux, it is distributed through the system package manager. On Windows, it is available on Chocolatey and the Windows Store, though the former is strongly preferred over the latter. Should one not wish to auto-update, manually downloading, verifying signatures, and installing updates manually from the website is an option, but I would not recommend it.

It may not be as good an option people’s mind as FireFox + ArkenFox, but I think it’s a huge step forward in making hardened FF more approachable to a non-technical user, and that should win some major brownie points considering the purpose and nature of Privacy Guides.

Please refer to the original post (linked above) for additional context. All reasons for the browser’s initial rejection except for one have been rectified, and the one remaining reason (weaker sandboxing) did not stop FireFox from being added to Privacy Guides.

Are there any statistics available about the update delay of Librewolf with respect to Firefox in the last year or so for different platforms? I think that’s the main point to consider. Configuration-wise Librewolf seems fine.

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Id much rather have something like mullvad browser

Mullvad forces private browsing, meaning you can’t set up cookie exceptions for website you’d want to stay logged in. That’s what I use Librewolf for.
I still love and use Mullvad (primarily, even), but I do agree that Librewolf has its place for this reason.

Different tools for different uses (well, slightly so, but still).


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