Good day, I recently found out that ivpn made for Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians free use of their vpn, is it safe? It’s just free and I think not.
here is the link: VPN for Privacy & Security | IVPN | Resist Online Surveillance
let me know if there is anything

Hi, yes, this VPN is safe to use.

The “support UA” promotion is something they do in order to help people in this time. @viktorivpn will be able to explain further.


Thanks @dngray !
@scalevillain we are very vocal about our opinion on free vpn services and how most of them are either scams, data mining operations or government backed surveillance schemes (although it’s hard/impossible to prove in which category one falls into).
This potential red flag comes with an important question: how does a free services makes money without compromising on promises and customer privacy? if you can’t answer that question clearly, then I believe you should not use that service.

If you do your research it is clear the above issue does not apply to IVPN. We have a paid-only-plans model for 14 years now except this UA/RU free offer. The campaign is subsidized by our profits and is a limited offer. We are doing it to help out folks under threat and those getting blocked from accessing free information (whatever it may be for them). We do this because we have team members in Ukraine and felt this is the right thing to do.

I can share here that we will be closing this campaign down soon for various reasons (mainly abuse) after 2 years of offering it.



Thanks for the reply. I get it. I’m so sorry.

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