Is there any secure Linux email client for Outlook (O365)?

I thought I read with MS changes, Thunderbird doesn’t work. Is that true? Any way to download O365 email for offline use in Linux?

Maybe see this page for more information: Microsoft OAuth Authentication and Thunderbird in 2023 | Thunderbird Help

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Now why would you want to pair Linux with Outlook 365? You know they only pretend to like each other?

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I am using Geary with my Outlook email without any issue. It’s also working with GNOME Online Accounts in the settings.

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You could always try Davmail.

It is considered secure? I don’t know enough about how email works.

The app is developed by GNOME, it should be safe to use. Security-wise, I think it would depend mostly on the server side, your email provider, regardless of the client. Geary uses WebKit to render your email, Geary and WebKit have little to say regarding security issue/release note, though.

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Sorry, I asked a bad question. I was referring to email in general. I know it’s obviously not a MS app, but does using Thunderbird expose my computer to the MS spying? Or does MS only ever see the email hosted on their server?

I mean all your emails sent & received go through MS, so that would be spied on, otherwise no. But there isnt much else, right? Pgp would mitigate the amount of stuff visible to MS


This is what I was asking. Thanks. So they can see my emails, like always, but they can’t someone see anything else from my system.

From my understanding, that is correct.

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