Is Samsung's knox vault secure enough as Titan M2 and Tensor security core

I have heard samsung has made its knox vault feature available to mid range phones , are samsung phones atleast as secure and private as pixel ones if i remove bloatware , i think samsung has now equivalent hardware based security solution.( i have heard pixel phones have worst after sale support compared to samsung phones and regarding i really wonder if used iphones are really safe for use, so looking to use samsung phones)

Samsung phone is like a regular on Pwn2Own hacked list.


The answer ph00lt0 gave you in the thread you opened more than a year ago should still ring true:

There isn’t really an alternative to Google Pixel or iPhone. If you chose not to get this for perhaps understandable reasons and limitations you will have to deal with the consequences of this. I can’t make it any brighter. You can always try to disable or uninstall as much bloatware but it will never get to a similar level [of security and privacy].

Yes, they are. They have been recommended before on this forum.

If you’re still not able to get a Pixel (new or used), the next best thing would honestly be a used iPhone, or an iPhone SE. They typically get updates for even longer than Pixels (~6-7 years) and are also quite secure and private


just counting vulns is not an accurate way to determine whether a system is secure – also commonly seen at Pwn2Own are various hypervisor escapes, privesc on Windows and Linux, browser exploits etc.

But in this case, yes, Samsung phones don’t have as robust hardware security as iPhones or Pixels, this is something that Daniel Micay from GOS has talked about before in the GOS matrix rooms and probably posted about on twitter too (I don’t use twitter though so idk)

Yes it is. It is using same technology, but on their own chip.
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I don’t think so.

GrapheneOS called Knox “branding for standard security features

They also say “Pixels ended up overtaking them [Samsung] quite significantly”