Is it worth getting system76?

I’m soon going to be overhauling my entire tech setup, and while the phone side is pretty simple of just getting as new of a pixel as possible and put graphene on it, what about the laptop/PC side?

On the one hand, I’m enticed by the great price to performance of laptops from Lenovo for example, alongside other popular laptop retailers. However, they don’t support coreboot and have the Intel ME security vulnerability. (Also apparently AMD has their own equivalent of this, is that true?)

On the other hand however, I do want a truly secure device that I know doesn’t have any spyware, or really anything malicious on it, is it safe to go with these mainstream laptop providers? Or should I caution on the safe side paying much more for System76 but getting the benefits coreboot and disabled Intel ME.

Intel ME is a part of modern device security. It’s not a vulnerability. Don’t fall for the FUD.

Get a recent Lenovo or Dell, preferably secured-core. If you want to run Windows, Microsoft Surfaces are also a good choice. They have better firmware and driver security than other vendors.


You can get System76 if you would like to support their mission for a better Linux DE. I think it is a bit overpriced for what it can do.

I’ll personally not get a system76 laptop because the lack of keyboard in my native language and BootGuard.

If you really want a secure laptop with coreboot I’ll wait to see if NovaCustom Q2-2024 laptops has Heads payload and BootGuard.

And yes AMD has PSP and ARM has ARM TrustZone

There’s also Solene'% : NovaCustom NV41 laptop review which is QubesOS certified.