Is it safe to install Zoom app on macOS?

Hello everyone,
Do you think installing Zoom on MacOS can pose a security risk if you install it without admin privileges by choosing the Install only for me option?

Well installing anything is technically a security risk. But that’s a bit dishonest.

I think it’s more of a privacy risk than anything for obvious reasons


@MojoBojo on macOS you cannot install software without going into sudo mode. Thats how system had been designed.

  1. download a DMG
  2. mount it
  3. drag n’ drop app sudo-less into ~/Applications


@Cyrus ad 3. Appliocations folder is sudo protected. You will be prompted for pass/touchID once you started copy/move things into it. Tested & Verified by me on both iMac running latest macOS Ventura as well as on older MBA running macOS Monterey

Sounds like you are not macOS user.

the problem is it’s a pkg file not dmg.

If I choose “Install only for me” it will install the app on a different folder at user/Applications and it doesn’t require Touch ID or admin password.

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I have only briefly used it, but in my time using it I had not ever given a password to install anything :person_shrugging:

That is not fully right. Many applications can be isntalled in the users application folder (not the main one) without admin rights as they do not need them. I believe Zoom used a PKG now that is never going to wrok eithout admin rights.

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This alone is valid reason NOT to use Zoom. Period.

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