Is it pointless to use privacy tools if you can't fully switch?

I’ve started using a mix of things now. Proton Drive is where I’m uploading important files, and I’ve been moving my OneDrive files over. Proton Mail is what I’m using for signing up for new services, combined with SimpleLogin.

However, for day-to-day life, such as creating a calendar invite with a GPS location for navigating to the destination built in and sharing it with everybody, Proton Calendar doesn’t have that functionality yet. I still have to use Google Calendar for that.

This is just one example, but there are a ton of services that I still need to use that are Google related. Is it pointless to move things like my mortgage account, insurance accounts, or the other hundred or so online accounts I have over to SimpleLogin+Proton if I’m still going to be using my Gmail daily for other stuff? Is partial privacy useless?

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Privacy, Security and Anonymity are on a spectrum.
Everyone knows what happens in the bathroom yet we close the door.
The vast majority never need to go “full Snowden.”
Its something of a generational thing too
My grandparents were trusting to a fault but would NEVER leave a message on our answering machine because they didn’t know who was going to get it. My Mom wouldn’t use a credit card online because she didn’t trust the web.
I’ve never been on Facebook because I don’t trust DaZuck to keep my anonymity private☺


While i do not fully understand your personal choices here everyone makes compromises.

Also you can not realistically obtain more privacy at once. You have to slowly migrate more and more and perhaps you go back to something even because you have been to harsh on yourself/others and overcomplicated things.

The main advantage of moving to privacy repecting services is that you limit the power and data collection of evil organisations. If you start using proton mail for example you move your central identity away from google. This limits google massively to tie your data together, especially if you use aliases with simplelogin.

Just take it at a pace man, no rushing.


the whole is always the sum of its parts

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