How to use instagram on my android in the most safe non privacy compromising way?

College graduate group chat, you know how it is, I can’t be that one guy out of the 200 to suggest them all to move over to something like telegram, signal, etc. Now I need a way to be able to use instagram on my android in the most safe way possible. Blocking all permissions, blocking ability to track my location, etc. I just wanna be able to chat and post.

Android 12, on the galaxy a04

Probably your best bet is to use the instagram PWA and your account settings.

Also important is that ,even if you are using a pwa , don’t be under false sense of privacy as you are still logging in (probably with your real name). Your friends have shared your number with instagram , so they have another data point of you. Even on a pwa , the groups you join , your interest will be indexed against your real identity.
So proceed ,while keeping in mind all these things.

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  1. New Android profile
  2. Hardened browser (Cromite?)
  3. Alias info (number, email, half name?, obscure username)
  4. toggle off those switches in privacy settings
  5. VPN
  6. (Don’t post anything, obscure pic) or make the profile private.
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probably with your real name

well a username lol, something along the lines of my real name but not too close.

your friends have shared your number with instagram?


This is actually what I heard about long ago. Like somehow create a separate work profile and then launch privacy penetrating apps there? I don’t exactly know how do to pull it off though.

Alias info

The name and username part is easy, email too.


a little hard for me to get a vpn on mobile, I will have to connect through my mobile data and home wifi a lot. Any other ways to bypass this?

Point 6. is well noted!

If you have root then use shelter, otherwise

I don’t understand. just install any good vpn app on mobile? (Proton/Windscribe)

You can try RSS feeds

Instagram doesn’t provide any, though there was a rss-bridge instance that worked with instagram.

you can try fetchrss as well.

If your friends use the Instagram app, and they have your phone number in their Contacts app, then Instagram has your phone number since by using the app you give them access to this.

That’s the reason I have one “spammy” mobile number that I give my friends.

My “real” number is with family and inner circle.

Do you know how well that is working?

I mean with how widespread the use of datahoarding social media is and how unconcerned most people are with privacy, using different phone numbers with people that know who you are just seems like a lost cause.

Now using one phone number for people and services that know who you are, and another for when you’re anonymous, that seems reasonable too me. There just seems too be too many failure points in the compartmentalisation in the first setup to be doable.

My inner circle is privacy respecting like me lol.

But yes i get your point.

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