How to setup proxy in GrapheneOS that has auth?

I can’t seem to add auth in proxy settings, so I can only use a pac file (any way for a local one)?

any open source vpn app that has settings for proxy? or openvpn has some config for this?

Have you looked at AirVPN Eddie Client?

It can be used with other VPNs and I think it may have the option for proxies. Sorry if I’m mistaken.

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how to use it without airvpn email/pass, it keeps asking me.

For Android on the top right there is an option for VPN profile. You just add your Wireguard or OpenVPN config to create a profile.

Then tap the newly added profile to connect to it. Just tested with a Windscribe config and worked.

For Proxy if you open up the menu on the top left there is an option to enable proxy.

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how to create a config that only has proxy no vpn?

But… why?

I just want to connect to the proxy not vpn → proxy or proxy → vpn.

btw is whats the case here???

the first one?

What case?

Why not just use the VPN for that one app? WG Tunnel allows you too choose which apps you want to use the VPN.

is proxy an entry node or an exit node here??

Here when?

openvpn config with a wireguard server vpn and a proxy in the config.

I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish to be honest. Just use WireGuard instead.

I just want to CONNECT to a http proxy server not a vpn ON android.

@ph00lt0 @jonah @SkewedZeppelin any inputs?

RethinkDNS can be pointed at a HTTP or SOCKS proxy.

The system proxy setting has always been useless or more geared towards antiquated enterprise usage.

also this seems like an XY problem, what exactly are you trying to achieve?
Is your goal to chain a VPN through a proxy?


i just want to connect to a proxy but android is not letting me put auth creds for it.

This is not possible.
Not sure what your use case is but you can also set proxy in the browser flags. So you only need this for browser than try there. Otherwise you will have to use some app that can do so with the VPN profile.

For packaged inspection I use non authenticated proxies (and of course a root CA)

there is proxydroid but is pretty old though no idea if its outdated.

i mean this is what i do:

but what are you trying to achieve?

speaking of outdated, well all of this you shouldn’t do with main profile or anything important and only for testing.

I would use this maybe:

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