How to convert malicious pdf to safe file?

I want to know if there is a way to convert a malicious pdf file to a safe file. Long time ago i read in a forum that it is enough to extract every site contained in the malicious pdf file offline in a VM, convert it to a new picture file ( png, jpg, webp etc. ) and make a new pdf or cbz file. Now i would be able to read the new file without fear of become infected with malware. The advantage is, the new file is much smaller than before. The disadvantage is I am no longer able to search for words in the new file.

So is this method still safe? Im specially interested in linux methods. tahnk you


I would recommend checking out danger zone.

Dangerzone follows a very similar process to this to make a safe pdf from the original

Bellow i have linked a separate discussion which has more details about how Dangerzone works; if you’re interested.


When I read “Danger Zone”, I thought you meant the CS:GO game mode lol