How to bypass Forcepoint in a company?

Iam working in a company where they use Forcepoint with many filterlists and a manual proxy to access internet.
The rules they are using are preventing the pc from accessing social media or downloads and kind of apps.
Although there are these kind of blocking, I could use piped instead of youtube to access the content and only few instances works and the rest are blocked by blocklists, And the last thing is that they add “Piped” to the blocked words which is insane, Btw proxies are not available here except for Startpage built-in proxy option but it is so slow.

Could you help me bypass this thing?
Any ideas?

Don’t try to circumvent the protections on your company network, however stupid they may seem. If they catch you doing it you might get fired immediately, or worse.

It is in the name, company. They can do whatever they want and if you try to bypass them, you will get fired or get a nice letter from your IT and HR.

If you want to use the internet for your private purposes, do it with your own devices and your own internet connection. Don’t try to trick your IT team.

It is a corporate asset, and doesn’t belong to you.