How Signal is still working?

I was searching for the place of Signal’s headquarter and i found that
Signal’s revenue (2020)
And its expenses (2020)

So how are they covering the gap between their revenue and their expenses??

Source: Signal Foundation - Wikipedia

Probably the $33 million they still have in the bank according to those filings.

They have sarted to ask for donation a few years back. So I guess they are trying to make this more sustainable Signal >> Blog >> Become a Signal Sustainer

I think because is useful for 3 letter agencies on ID target meetings (read Binance’s SEC suite fillings, most is based on “streams from a signal meeting” where was evident CZ had a meeting with some employees and said meeting) transcript never was submitter to the SEC indeed Signal exposed CZ to SEC prosecutors (by phone number association, not content) of course this is matter an lawyer may render moot in N ways, but exposes Signal major weakeness: user phone number correlation

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