How do I unbreak a website when it's related to Smart referer?

How does this extension actually work? I can’t find information anywhere that tells me about the “Exceptions” and “Whitelist sources” sections and/or which one I should focus on to unbreak a site. For example: this episode on this website won’t work if SR is enabled but the “Netflix Multi” and “Player X Hydra” tabs work fine. Could someone give me an explanation using that episode so I can do it myself in the future?

Add the exceptions as shown.

I see, thank you. So if I want to make an exception in the future I need to put the actual website in “Source” and then the url where the video comes from needs to be put in the “Destination” section?

Edit: I thought I had understood how it worked, but I tried doing this for crunchyroll since videos won’t play when using SR and I tried doing an exception for or specifically but it didn’t work. I also tried but that didn’t work either.

I used logger in uBlock Origin to figure out and disabled SR, then added exception to test again. You should not do this unless you have no life like me.

Well, this is only half true. You should know how to use your tools before putting them into production. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I actually forgot mentioning I also have UBO on medium mode (or whatever it’s called), the two URLs I put in my answer are the only ones I have enabled on Crunchyroll. Since then I’ve also tried locally nooping third-party scripts and frames but that didn’t work either. also only appear in the UBO dynamic filtering list if I disable SR which is weird.

Don’t use SR it is abandoned software. I personally don’t usei it either.

What should I use instead? A guy on the Privacy Guides subreddit said I should use the “ClearURLs” extension, but does that one actually hide the same referrers as SR, and will it have any problems with the “Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool” filter I have on uBO? I also read somewhere that “ClearURLs” can also break some websites because it takes out so much of the URL and that it doesn’t have any whitelist feature to fix it?

This is also only half true.

As you can see, Arkenfox:

                  full URI:
user_pref("_user.js.parrot", "1600 syntax error: the parrot rests in peace!");
/* 1601: control when to send a cross-origin referer
 * 0=always (default), 1=only if base domains match, 2=only if hosts match
 * [SETUP-WEB] Breakage: older modems/routers and some sites e.g banks, vimeo, icloud, instagram
 * If "2" is too strict, then override to "0" and use Smart Referer extension (Strict mode + add exceptions) ***/
user_pref("network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy", 2);
/* 1602: control the amount of cross-origin information to send [FF52+]
 * 0=send full URI (default), 1=scheme+host+port+path, 2=scheme+host+port ***/
user_pref("network.http.referer.XOriginTrimmingPolicy", 2);

Even with Smart Referrer unmaintained - Arkenfox still exposes network.http.referer.*, so it can send specific values, protecting your previous link (see the first link I posted to see how this works). You can send only when hosts match, or you can use Smart Referrer on Strict with this set to 0:

See the Mozilla web headers guide also.

Don’t bother with referers and Don’t use SR or ClearURLs. Just uBO with medium or hard mode. Soon the fix is coming in Arkenfox project wiki wait for the time being. SR is abandonware.

I use 2+2 for referers. OP is newbie, He doesn’t know this advanced stuff. So I’m stopping him, want him to learn this by himself instead of wasting with unhelpful advice.

What do you mean by “2+2”?

I don’t really understand, are you saying that SR is currently better than Arkenfox because of that “send nothing” setting and that AF needs to fix it? Or are you saying that AF is better than SR? I’ve already gotten the impression ever since I started to read about keeping my browsing, etc. private that AF is the best tool to be fully private online. So i’m guessing you meant the former?

I’m saying that Arkenfox devs themselves recommend it. Smart Referrer has its uses for now.

Yes. Not updated since forever, but they still work if you understand how to use them. Smart Referrer can be used to send the headers of the same origin, or you can use Arkenfox to enforce it. Stop beating a dead horse. I never said they were recommended, and I encourage anyone seeing this thread to refer to Firefox’s default settings vs. what Arkenfox is doing.

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