How do advertising centered revenue models typically work?

There are a few services that I would consider whitelisting in uBO if I knew it helped sustain the service (E.g. duckduckgo search ads, Brave search ads). But, I never click ads or sponsored content, and I don’t plan to. Do search engines (or websites more generally) get paid per view, per click, or per click that results in a purchase (“conversions”)

Having done Facebook ads somewhat recently (the irony, I know) you get billed per user “viewing” the ad.

Now whether if users had adblock or privacy mitigations count as a “view” despite not actually displaying is counted, I have no insights into that, my assumption is it should count, wasting the money I paid.

Facebook also puts “guaranteed interaction” for chats past a certain amount of money spent (I think above 20USD or so)

I havent tried doing ads on Google Adsense yet. Maybe thats is what I usually see on WordPress sites?

For all the negative associations we have here. It seems to deliver somewhat and the person I’ve setup the account for seems to have positive feedback regarding it. Now whether the person got the 100USD worth of ads or just 50, I cannot seem to ascertain.


Personally, I don’t click any ads served on these platforms. And to my knowledge, advertisers will only pay when you click the click and as a result, they receive a revenue from it.

So, unless you click the links, no money for DDG or Brave.

It definitely depends on the service. Most (all?) search engines including DDG are going to be running pay-per-click ads, but lots of other websites “more generally” will run pay-per-view ads.

Paying per conversion is pretty rare for standard ad networks.

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