Here’s what we’re working on in Firefox: 2024-05-21

Most relevant portions for this forum:

  • Intuitive privacy settings that deliver all the power of our world-class anti-tracking technologies in a simplified, easy-to-understand way.

We are approaching the use of AI in Firefox – which many, many of you have been asking about – in the same way. We’re focused on giving you AI features that solve tangible problems, respect your privacy, and give you real choice.

We’re looking at how we can use local, on-device AI models – i.e., more private – to enhance your browsing experience further. One feature we’re starting with next quarter is AI-generated alt-text for images inserted into PDFs , which makes it more accessible to visually impaired users and people with learning disabilities. The alt text is then processed on your device and saved locally instead of cloud services, ensuring that enhancements like these are done with your privacy in mind.

3 people asking about PWAs in the replies with no response from Mozilla :skull:

Their lack of support a decade later is embarrassing.