Harmony OS

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What you think about harmony OS and Huawei devices without google store. Its secure?

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Proprietary Chinese spyware.


You think Ios its better for security

iOS or LineageOS?

Just stick to Android. Android is open source and is one of the most widely audited open source projects and operating systems of all time, with a publicly documented security model.

The HarmonyOS site mentions absolutely nothing about their relation to OpenHarmony (the underlying open source base for HarmonyOS) and the OpenHarmony project has no mention of their security model. (You might need to translate this if you don’t know Chinese).

The lack of Play Store is a very small advantage in comparison.


Sorry iOS (apple)

iOS is your second best option after a Pixel device with stock OS, GrapheneOS or DivestOS. Everything else should be avoided.


I tried to search Tiananmen Square 1989 when I got hold of a Huawei Phone with Harmony OS and it does not send any result from any browser. I am not even in China.


I donot know much about it. I know it’s highly locked down like iOS. It does not accept sideloading and are not compatible with Android apps. Better not to trust it until more details reveiled and more research done.

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I will buy a pixel and try to install graphene os

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