'Hardening' Windows

We’re reluctant to add tools which can break the system. I know privacy.sexy can do that quite easily.


Understood, when it comes to issues with privacy.sexy, is this on Windows Standard mode? I’ve been using privacy.sexy on Standard mode for a while and haven’t had any issues, but I’ll start keeping a closer eye out.

I still think Chris Titus has a good Windows 11 setup to remove the basic stuff. Not sure if any issue reported to his stuff causing issues though.

The perfect windows 11 install is Linux :sunglasses:

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Wish I could be bothered to use Linux, however, I have heard about compatibility issue with things like games, making it such an effort. Especially, if I needed to run apps that only work on Windows, I can’t be bothered to switch between operating systems. Hopefully, Ubuntu becomes a universal OS that can do everything, and makes it easy for “normal” people like me to do everything they need to do, without jumping through hurdles.


I am honestly begging you all (the legendary PG team) to review and test such tools, especially the safer ones, since they are such huge time savers, and because they have the powerful potential to make privacy measures implemented across a much wider scale, which will benefit all of us by pressuring such design by default (the final step). Maybe in the future we could have a page dedicated to them, in the OS guides or the suggested tools categories.

Especially for “normal” people, one click solutions to improving ubiquitous products like Windows, are absolutely essential for what I think are obvious reasons, which seems to align with the major goals of this website.

If you want I can make this a new topic, although I think I have done so in the past.

As for your concerns, I implemented the entire Windows Security Baseline by Microsoft, and only had I kid you not like one error (and my use case for Windows is pretty diverse), not to mention such tools already exist that provide excellent resources like brief explanations on the tradeoffs for specific settings and allow you to customise their configurations.


privacy.sexy didn’t successfully apply a lot of settings on my test device, despite their program saying otherwise. Also has been buggy and was flagged by MS Defender. Some things are nice to take inspiration from (e.g. disabling some third-party telemetry of well-known software).

Can’t recommend Chris Titus either. I can’t trust someone who says a lot of questionable things in his video to know what he is doing. His tool also assembles other tools.


Thx for putting in the work.

Would recommend to split Edge, Office, Windows Privacy and Windows Security each into separate pages. Otherwise it’s overwhelmingly long.

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As this is one of the shorter threads I’m going to lock it and encourage future suggestions be made in: Windows Guide.

but it will take some work. Please continue discussion in the above thread.

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