Fortect app for noob user

Hi guys, I just had a total noob question but what do you guys make of this Fortect Program? Just another scam?

No idea, what is it, and where did you hear of it? What makes it sound interesting enough to you that you decided to ask about it?

I am trying to fix problem a problem with casting to my TV from my PC and Bing recommended it to me. I just don’t want to undermine all the effort I have put in using all the recommended tools here. A couple videos on Youtube is all I was able to gather on this program.

As a rule of thumb, I ignore anything security related that is advertised at me or comes from one of those SEO optimized / AI written listicles, it is just noise 99 times out of 100. If it is not something that is known to and well regarded by actual people in actual tech or security focused spaces and communities, its not even worth my time to look into it. You were right to be skeptical, and right to come here to ask, unfortunately I can’t be of help, I haven’t heard of the the software, maybe someone else has, or maybe someone else can give a better recommendation on how to screencast from PC to TV.

Thank you for your response I will take your advice. :slight_smile: