Email Privacy Questions

I would like to ask the following email-related questions:

  1. When I send an email, can the recipient know what client I used to send the email through information such as the email header, or any information contained in the email.

  2. Will my privacy be compromised when I send an email that contains with a metadata removed photo?

  3. When I load an email someone sent me that contains a photo, does this compromise my privacy?

Yes to all 3 question.
In short: email is neither private nor secure and it never was designed with these features in mind.

  1. No if you use something like SimpleLogin or AnonAddy. Or vanilla Proton (it hides this information)
  2. If not encrypted (like external encryption mode in Proton) yes, if encrypted - no
  3. In Proton - no (it proxies all mails to hide your IP), in any other mails - yes

Do you mean external images are opened by Proton proxy, not from external source?

@KeepItSimple yes. Here is their official article:

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