eHealth platform karify safe to use?

My doctor is using karify to make video calls

On the website there are telling that karify can only be accessed via the HTTPS protocol, secured by an SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption. For more.

i have not much knowledge about this technology so i wonder what you guys thinks about this.
i now its probably not open source but besides that, is it safe to use?
Better than a phone i guess?

The HTTPS is just transparent encryption, which means the platform can see anything you put on it. They might do some validation (such as pen testing) but other than that it doesn’t say much more.

The Data Processing gives more details about how your data is used though only in broad terms.

Privacy and cookie statement 2018 is more specific, nothing really alarming.

Karify shall not sell personal data to third parties

That is a good sign, does seem like there is some telemetry to improve the product, but that’s about it.

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But video calls are encrypted?

With HTTPS yes, so that means ISP (Internet Service Provider), current local WiFi network for example cannot see the call contents.

However administrators at Karify can, as it’s not E2EE.

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