Duckduckgo Network Protection

After the latest update, I saw that DDG browser on mac offers network protection, which is a free VPN. I could not see any news on the internet. Anyone tried it?

Sparse info online indeed. Some other did got it too.
The first link as some screenshots of the features and pop-ups of the beta in the browser interface.

This seems to be part of an upcoming Duck Privacy Pro subscription

See Implement beta end messaging (#4272) · duckduckgo/Android@8c09948 · GitHub
Add FAQs and final design changes (#4313) · duckduckgo/Android@2b492cd · GitHub


@PoorPocketsMcNewHold and @Encounter5729

Thanks for the links. It seems that it would a premium feature in the future.

How can you tell this from that link? I am unfamiliar with Github?

GitHub is a platiform that host apps source code. If you are unfamiliar with source code, think of it like building blocks. When you buy a phone, they are a series of components. Github would be like a super complete list with all the components listed- and with their components as well, so you could build the phone yourself. That’s open source.

In this case, I just read the new commits (one commit is a micro-update) and searched mention of VPN. Basically the links just contains some product informations

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Just search for pro in the pages. Besides, I saw it also on a few websites, but it is free until they have a stable version.

im praying that they don’t start to restrict existing features

I don’t expect it. At most, they can put the aliasing behind a paywall. But to do that, they need to improve it much more.

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aliasing is the only good duckduckgo service (excluding ddg search) imo. everything else is subpar and no reason to use it over alternatives. but yeah, while ddg aliases are great for a free service, if they were paid they wouldn’t be a reason to use them over others

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