Does taking steps to protect my privacy arouse suspicion?

All that was over 10 years ago. It now costs millions of dollars for a zero click exploit of an iPhone for example. The government is not wasting those on random people. Security has improved a lot since 2013.


You misunderstand. This is passive. They don’t do a damn thing, the system works on its own, exploiting every device connected to the internet.

I’ll shut up now.

The American government uses public money (tax dollars plus deficit spending) to buy data from corporations they obtained legally. They prefer this because unlike the government, corporations don’t have as many legal restrictions data collection as the government as the American bill of rights is preoccupied with what the government is allowed to do, not corporations or private citizens.

So all it takes is for people to use non-private software and the government can just buy that data. In some cases it can get it for free by merely observing ad bid networks.

Its not necessary for them to use zero day exploits. In addition, you have stuff like the Intel Management Engine which I understand to have telemetry…