Do PWA's use private relay?

Does anyone know if PWA’s on iOS use Private Relay when it is enabled?

I assume that yes, since these PWAs are created through Safari and as Private Relay only works on Safari AFAIK. I may be wrong though.

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This may or may not be true. While its true that iOS PWAs are created through Safari/Webkit, in my experience iOS/Safari treats Safari PWAs somewhat differently than it treats Safari itself. I don’t know all of the ways in which this is true, or if Private Relay is affected, but I know that for example adblockers are more capable in Safari on iOS than they are when you install a webapp as a PWA, despite being being the same browser under the surface, and using the same adblocker for the same website.

I have no reason to assume Private Relay is affected in the same way adblockers are, but I also wouldn’t rely on private relay working with PWAs without confirming it, as it does indicate that there are at least some differences between Safari and Safari PWAs

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