Disroot Email

I recieved this update from Disroot’s newsletter recently

.:Other notable changes:.

  • Phasing out TLS1.1 - Time to phase out TLS1.1 has come long, long time ago. But each time we do it, we get someone complaining that their old device no longer works. This can’t go forever and so 1st of July, we are phasing outy TLS1.1. Please consider upgrading your software (or hardware) if you are affected by this (Android v4.4, windows XP etc).

  • We have brought back app dashboard under https://search.disroot.org / https://apps.disroot.org which was missing since we have moved from Searx to its fork called Searxng

  • We have improved the color palette for our custom themes (specially dark) which we will work on to roll out on all services providing more uniform experience on entire platform

  • Lacre - @pfm has managed to fix the bug which initially prevented us from running Lacre alpha tests on Disroot. It was quite a battle. Dragon has been slayed opening the door to the Disroot test again. Expect
    announcement about upcoming test of end-to-end mailbox encryption on disroot soon.

  • Oh one more about Lacre. @wiktor one of the prominent developers of Sequoia has pushed to Lacre initial support for it. Sequoia is a more secure, robust re-implementation of PGP. We are very happy and
    thankful to @wiktor for his work!

So we might be able to revist them

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