DisplayLink Presenter

Is it dangerous to use the DisplayLink Presenter application ?

Because it asks

i. Allow DisplayLink Presenter to access … ?

“This app has not been granted record permission but could capture audio through this USB device. Using DisplayLink Presenter with this device might prevent hearing calls, notifications and alarms.”

ii. Start recording or casting with DisplayLink Presenter ?

DisplayLink Presenter will have access to all to the information that is visible on your screen or played from your device while recording or casting. This includes information such as passwords, payment details, photos messages, and audio that you play.

What do you think this app “DisplayLink Presenter” ? This application has no trackers but 3 permissions

  2. FOREGROUND_SERVICE (run foreground service)

Note: I’m using a pixel under GrapheneOS
Why did I ask a question? Because there is no solution for pixel smartphones that connect to a screen because Google blocks them from using pixel on a screen but forces them to buy a Chromecast. I use an iPad for other uses like but is it better to use an iPad or a pixel on GrapheneOS with the DisplayLink Presenter app?