Coinsbee (Gift cards marketplace)

There is a PR currently active in Privacy Guides GitHub about a service called Coinsbee, but there wasn’t any forum discussion about it, so here we are.

Coinsbee is a gift card marketplace where you can buy those gift cards from over 2,500 merchants across 185 countries. You can buy these cards with cryptocurrencies and only cryptocurrencies as far as I know. You can buy cards from Amazon, Apple, Sony’s PlayStation, Steam and much more. It supports BTC, LTC, ETH and of course XMR (Monero).

NOTE: It doesn’t KYC you if you don’t spend more than €1,000 per order. If you spend more than that amount, you will be KYC’d.

Hey, I authored this PR. First, my apologies for butchering the PR process by not putting up a discussion. From my other OS work, I’ve only contributed to crypto projects and have only fired off PRs, and I should have done more due diligence.

To add a little extra info on this post, you can use normal cards, not just cryptocurrency. To clarify (what you said is 100% correct and how I phrased it in the PR), they do not KYC you if you do more than 1000 euros, only if it is more than 1000 euros in one order. So, you can do 9 orders with the same email address with no KYC (up to 10k euros). However, they accept ephemeral emails, so you can essentially order unlimited amounts. Since they do collect the IP address when placing an order, use a VPN to ensure you do not get KYC’d.

There’s stealths | Service - which doesn’t KYC at all. (I never used them tho)

@jerm I’ve actually used them and they’re reliable. However, the “doesn’t KYC at all” thing is a semi-myth. For example, with their prepaid visa cards, they use tremendous, which may KYC. Coincards has to implement some since they’re the actual gift card vendor working with companies X,Y, and Z. I’d be happy to add Stealths too but thought I should do one thing at a time. There’s a lot of great vendors out there that take Monero nowadays.

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