Can third parties correlate Proton VPN accounts?

Seems like a simple question but honestly, I’m not sure of the answer.

Here is an example of what I mean.

Say I create Google account “A” using my Proton VPN account and a specific device. Then I create Google account “B” with that same Proton VPN account but on a completely different device.

Can Google tie accounts “A” and “B” together using just the fact that I used the same Proton VPN account? Other fingerprinting vectors should not be taken into consideration (phone number, browser fingerprint, device fingerprint).

Obviously Proton itself would be able to correlate the traffic.

I don’t see why they would be able to. They might guess that they’re related if you also use the same VPN server on both devices, just based on IP. Your Proton account information would never be transmitted though.


This is what annoys me in their recent Android and desktop app iteration: they’ve removed the random server from the choice of VPN server to connect to.