Can servers/websites to where I upload a file, see : from what filepath the file was issued / the content of the folder the file came from?

You know, when we upload a file, our internet browser displays some thumbnails/preview of what’s in the folder, to help us choose the right file to upload.

Since I know nothing about SMB, FTP, UDP and all these stuffs, I was wondering what the server on the other side was able to retrieve in addition to the target file…

Which means, basically, other than : for ourselves to see clearer and pick the right file quickly / for the browser or machine to load thumbnails fast, should we clean up the folder that is looked on, before an uploading ?


The file browser you see is run locally on your machine. In fact, it isn’t even a part of your web browser. It’s a part of your operating system.

The only way your non-selected files would be leaked is if your web browser (or any other software with network access) is malicious.