Can music files contain private information?

I’m trying to share some music files on Soulseek that I ripped but I was concerned about possible infos it contains. Would it be able to have information about my PC? Or any other private information like where the file was located at?

The only thing that I can think of is the metadata, so you could just use one of PG’s recommendations to remove it: Remove PII with Metadata Scrubbers and Data Redaction Tools - Privacy Guides

Steganography is a thing and you can certainly hide/encode information in an audio file, apart from the usual file metadata.

This is a deliberate thing a person would do, and probably not something automated that your typical audio ripping software would add to the file, apart from the usual metadata it encodes or any other specific artifacts to the encoding itself (that would be visible to digital forensics).

Another thing that comes to mind would be the thing they’d put on screening copy for cinema ratings review board (from the old DVD screener piracy scene). Big media publishers would put some faint overlay on certain parts of the scene in order to associate a video fingerprint to the account so that if leaks would be distribued ahead of the film release, they’d have a clue where or who to search.

It is likely that some music/audio files could have specific identifiers as well. Notably, the voyager probe had encoded images from the golden vinyl it had onboard. This was done prior to the internet age in the 1970s so it is not far ferched that there may be images in audio streams if you know where to look.