BItwarden has suspicious activity

As you may have seen in the news, bitwarden supposedly fired a employee for being catholic, or something of that nature…TL;Didn’t read…

I use these types of signals to get an idea of what management of companies are thinking so I can determine what the course of their company aspirations will be going forward - this seems like a red flag, despite them being open source.

Was wondering what you guys were thinking of them?

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I hadn’t heard about this, but it seems more to the story than that. I do see a lot of right-wing media outlets trying to pose it as “against woke” or “fired for being Christian” though. It seems he was antagonizing management with his views on pronouns, and that was a little more than what the company was comfortable with.

Corporations generally like to be “netural” or supportive of LGBT right issues, because it’s a segment of the market they have no wish to alienate.

Either way don’t care, still a good product, and it’s still open source, audited and has options like Vaultwarden.


Honestly I would be suspicious of any news heading like that. What right wings news outlets like to do is to make their category pass as discriminated and oppressed, just exactly like most of the real minorities out there. Of course there is no need to specify that Christianity are a dominant religious majority and of course they are not being oppressed at all, in most cases.

So, as the other said, before asking yourself “Should I trust Bitwarden” you should pose this question: “Can I trust this newspaper who said x about y?”


“assigned by god” ahahah, whats next “your majesty” as a pronoun? come on, she can’t seriously be filing a discrimination charge against bitwarden??

It looks like shes the one discriminating and mocking pronouns by picking “assigned by god” as a “serious” pronoun. Expecting people to quite literally refer to you as “assigned by god” as if you’re above every other human being is just taking the piss.


Note that the woman on the photo is not the guy who is suing.

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Maybe Bitwarden is wrong to nudge employees to include their pronouns on their profiles. The whole pronoun thing is a complicated cultural discussion with no universally accepted right answer.

But the employee was absolutely insubordinate when he insisted on listing his pronouns as “assigned by god” when that is not actually the pronoun he uses.

Same goes for willfully misgendering trans applicants. Even if accepting trans people’s gender of choice is wrong, it was his job to respect applicants wishes and call them by their preferred gender.

If being compelled not to misgender coworkers/applicants/customers amounts to workplace discrimination, then this is much bigger than just Bitwarden.

As well as not being a pronoun at all

This is the kind of immature gimmic that I might’ve found funny in middle school or something and looked back on as something cringy/embarassing. But this guy is a full grown adult (on paper) working in a professional environment… and he chooses this as his trivial hill to die on.

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There is more to the story, if you actually read it

The lawsuit further mentions that two employees in Bitwarden’s human resources department complained of feeling harassed by Scharf’s religious statements.

Additionally, Scharf received a reprimand for not using preferred pronouns in notes related to an interview he conducted with a job applicant whose preferred pronouns did not align with their biological gender. Scharf argued in the lawsuit that he refrained from using any pronouns during the interview and only used the applicant’s biological pronouns in internal notes.

Who knows what this person is like around the office… I think that had more to do with his removal than the “assigned by god” thing. And this quote:

“Had Chard set aside his religious beliefs and acquiesced to Bitwarden’s promotion of gender ideology, he would not have been fired,” Scharf’s attorney Jennifer Vasquez told The Epoch Times, “which means his religious beliefs were the cause of his termination.” Vasquez is with the Florida law firm Campbell, Trohn, Tamayo & Aranda.

My guess is he wouldn’t stfu about it, and that annoyed people, best to just go with the flow when it doesn’t really impact you whatsoever. I’m sure nobody would have cared if he put “Male” on his own profile.


There is a bypass for this. Just use sex instead of gender.

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This seems to be turning into a completely off-topic debate. At the end of the day, the product is private, secure, and open source. Their political views are practically irrelevant, since they don’t moderate content or anything, they just develop an awesome password manager. And that hasn’t been compromised. In my opinion, we should simply ignore anything else.