Apple wasn’t storing deleted iOS photos in iCloud after all


Okay, I still wouldn’t want my deleted photos to reappear after I sold my phone or something. This bug is nuts.

They shouldn’t, due to how a factory reset on iOS works. The encryption keys for the storage are securely destroyed, meaning the files are inaccessible (would take an unfathomable period of time to recover the old key through brute force). You can read more here:

Data Protection in Apple devices


And there is no proof at all that this was happening.


@Valynor when you have a closed-source OS by a company with a secretive company that claims to protect privacy despite fighting privacy regulations and being CCP best friend, I believe the burden of proof is on the company, not on the users.

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I thought it seemed pretty obvious it wasn’t related to iCloud from the beginning, but what the root cause actually is still remains a mystery apparently…

I also don’t understand why every article is bringing up how NAND storage works. Apple clearly just didn’t delete the data from the filesystem in the first place, so the fact that deleted data can be recovered from a drive until it’s overwritten is completely irrelevant lol

Apple should just tell us how the database corruption occurred.


It is quite strange that a logically deleted but not physically overwritten file could transfer through backups, but this is clearly a very complicated issue and it probably goes deeper than that. That explanation just seems somewhat off to me. What we need is an answer directly from Apple that’s as technical as it needs to be to put this issue to rest for good, rather than playing telephone with news outlets like this.